“Sustaining Joy” by Shirley Knapp and Nanette McLane


Northwinds Productions Inc. ISBN #0-9656110-0-0

eBook 1st print 2003, 2d print 2007 by
Shirley Knapp

Published 1997
Distributed by Baker & Taylor, and New Leaf Distributing Company

This practical guide to finding and sustaining joy is in the form of a work/playbook with exercises, excerpts and personal anecdotes from both Shirley and her participants in workshops and seminars.

Sustaining Joy tackles issues of awakening passions, dealing with our fears, understanding and building relationships, and dealing with obstacles in life which keep us from realizing our own joy. A guidebook of perfectly aligned information for growth.

Joy is what health is all about, and the joy that comes from unconditional love is the “Love that is Infinite and Unconditional flooding into your Heart and filling you with Divine Light and Bliss.”

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Sustaining Joy –Joy is what health is all about, and the joy that comes from unconditional love is about as special as the unbearable lightness of being. “The heart is moving with the soul,” the authors tell us in this wide sized, spiral bound workbook. “The soul and the heart work together, so when you’re in the heart, you can feel the soul.” Each chapter is a special exercise in sustaining joy. Asking And Receiving contains a procedure for acknowledging “your deepest dreams and desires,” in which you ask the universe; there’s a special box to write in your request and several urgings as to what to ask for. Communicating telepathically: “Any part of your lives that feel a bit like a corral, jump the fence. Dare to jump without fear, without knowing what’s on the other side of the fence.” Lighten up! “Raising consciousness is like a dance of energies The more you laugh, the lighter you dance.” Becoming a frequent flyer:: ” Ask the Universe to send you a dream message. Ask to remember the dream upon awakening.” Each suggestion comes equipped with areas to write in, thoughts to ponder, questions to answer. What outcomes have you been trying to control or force out of your life? Describe a situation around which you are experiencing some confusion. The resolution of chaos into joy, the lyrical rhythm throughout make this an invaluable presentation of joy- the joy of health, the joy of joy. – BookReader Magazine

This work/ playbook is the result of a decade of insights on living a life of passion. Every other page of its sixty-four pages presents a new level of growth in the form of channeled instructions from extra-dimensional beings who have come to encourage human progress toward the Light. The remaining pages provide exercises you can use to evaluate and expand your conscious contact with the source of your passion and creativity. The book helps you identify what visions you’ve had for your life, and guides you through a process of creating reality from them. It has you confront and overcome fear and the barriers imposed by old belief systems. And the book suggests ways to keep renewing yourself as new realities lead you to even greater sources of inspiration and passion. This is a book for those who want some encouragement in their personal growth process. White it’s easy to be skeptical about talk of beings from other dimensions and their message for humanity, there is much to be gained from exploring these exercises. David Merritt, Magical Blend Magazine

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