Intuitive Energy Healing

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Energy healing has been around for hundreds of years and has recently become accepted and used in professional medicine. Shirley’s intuitive energy healing sessions apply hand on chakra alignment. When energetic blockages and patterns are released, you become more centered and grounded. You will  experience a deeper level of clarity leading to emotional and physical well being. Energy Healing sessions are conducted in person and over the phone. The sessions are recorded and an MP3 file will be provided by email after the appointment .

One Hour Session:




My initial visitation with Shirley was to heighten sensitivity as an artist, that is to develop a level of artistic achievement never before attained in my past experience. What happened was not only an artistic flow beyond my expectation, but a healing experience for variety of concerns in my future visits. The love, joy and self confidence of my mind has achieved heights far beyond my imagination and the growth and experience of energy is everlasting. K. Gallup, Artist/Educator, St. Albans, Vermont

Shirley has extraordinary gifts that come through in her consultations and energy work, and I have been blessed to work with her now for more than 15 years. Her energy work made me into a new person – I feel different, I react differently. I am different. Her intuitive messages have always been right on, even when I didn’t understand them. They kept me going as I  struggled to let go and become myself. I’ve been able to release a lot of old, old stuff in my archetypal cellular memory, making me lighter and freer.  Although I didn’t know it at the time (do we ever), I had a lot of inner work yet to do when I began working with Shirley. I feel like all this work would have taken much longer without her assistance, and I am very grateful for Shirley and her generous, caring, seemingly endless support. J. Katz, Consultant, Vermont

2 reviews for Intuitive Energy Healing

  1. vtuplead (verified owner)

    Shirley has been 5 star in my book since 1988.
    Always insightful in unexpected ways, she has a gift for seeing emotional & spiritual blockages,
    and lovingly helping you to redirect, release, and heal.
    She’s a wise and trusted adviser, and has always been right-on with her intuition and guidance.
    I feel blessed to know her, and have always benefited from our sessions.
    You will too ….. Chip Tremper, Danville, Vt.

  2. Valerie Zeppelin

    My sister and I have been coming to see Shirley for several years now our kids have come to see her and we’ve traveled many miles to come down and visit her in Sylva for a session. Shirley does a wonderful job always makes you feel comfortable and we never walk away unhappy. As a matter of fact we always leave with a better understanding of ourselves and our environments. I highly recommend going to see her or giving her a call!!

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