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Shirley's consultations are intuitive energetic healings supporting clarification in your life journey. Emotional blockages are released using chakra alignment techniques integrating mind, body and spirit. Spiritual guidance is given for taking the next steps in your personal growth. The sessions are recorded over the phone and an MP3 file will be provided by email after the appointment .

One Hour Session




Shirley is a gifted spiritual intuitive. Shirley’s soothing voice is a direct reflection of her healing abilities. Instead of dealing with symptoms, she took me to the root cause of my acute distress which was embedded in cellular memory. This kind of in-depth past-life regression is essential to genuine emotional and physical healing. Shirley is a true servant of Spirit. ~ Dr. Linda Lee Talbert, Boulder, Colorado

My deepest Gratitude for your intuitive guidance. Indeed, For the first time in my life I feel FULLY AWAKENED. Now that I am ready to accept my Power, Spirit is bringing Vision after Vision of what it has planned for me.  R. Groten, Vermont ,,

7 reviews for Intuitive Consultation

  1. Cristina Ortega

    Shirley is really the best! I’ve had readings by her for many many years now. I always feel so much better after talking to her and she’s always been clear and accurate. Love her!

  2. Solange Arbesú-Sala

    I have been consulting Shirley for almost ten years. Her intuitive counseling is profound and deeply healing. Transmitted with so much love and grace.

    SA – San Francisco, CA

  3. cecilia.apodaca (verified owner)

    I have been given Intuitve Readings for the past 10 years and they are always spot on accurate, informative, inspiring, and healing. Always left at peace and ready to conquer next chapters in life. Shirley truly has been gifted with this wonderful ability to connect with loved ones. Definitely recommend her! ❤️

  4. Rachel K (verified owner)

    I have been receiving intuitive readings with Shirley for over 30 years.
    Initially out of curiosity and over the years to help me overcome challenges and obstacles in my life.
    It has helped me so much!
    I always leave the session feeling uplifted and balanced.
    Shirley is a gifted beautiful soul and I am grateful for having her in my life.

  5. kellycmiami (verified owner)

    I’ve been requesting Shirley’s guidance for a few years now, by way of my best friend that she has known for 20+ years. She has gotten me through some very tough times, but also been there through very positive and enlightening times in my life as well! Highly recommended for guidance and intuition, no matter the situation one may be going through! Thanks again, Shirley….much appreciation and love <3
    Kelly 🙂

  6. Shirley Knapp

    Thanks so much Kelly!!

  7. Heidi Dorsey

    I first met Shirley when I attended some of her classes and instantly fell in love! Shirley is definitely one of the “OG” Intuitives! ha ha!! She is amazing! Her energy on the phone is exactly what you experience with her in person. Shirley’s readings are so loving and right on track. She is the real deal. Shirley has the ability to tap into the information and guidance Spirit is wanting you to hear that you may not be hearing on your own. The flow of her readings are relaxed and very informative. Shirley is so gifted and I highly recommend her as a teacher and Intuitive Guide.

  8. T Aubry

    I have been working with Shirley for over a decade. She is extremely gifted and insightful. I highly recommend her.

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