Our clients comments-


Great course which I thoroughly enjoyed. The material confirmed things I have heard before and been working toward, but gave me new tools and techniques to live a more satisfying life. The exercises were very helpful in making the point of the written material. The exercises are also realistic and anyone can incorporate them into their daily life practices. The content was clear and easy to understand. I was hesitant to take a home study course but I am completely satisfied with this course and look forward to taking future courses with this instructor.-

I completed the “Practice of Holistic Self-Healing” self-paced course and loved it! The concepts of holism and self-healing peaked my interest. I am more aware that some modifications in my daily living need adjustment. I am using the learned strategies to modify and benefit my personal and professional well-being for inner balance. One take away was that self-healing is in OUR control. Shirley does accomplish a lot in this course and heightened my curiosity in meditation use! I am improving my life by learning more about holistic practices, as well. I can say that the information presented in the course altered my life positively. My journey has just begun. Thank you Shirley, awesome course.- I. C., PhD, RN

Awesome – Powerful – Life Changing. For me, these words just begin to describe the powerful effects of this course on my daily life. I now experience less stress and more joy and the positive flow of my days continues to amaze me as I am learning to better listen to, trust, and follow my intuitions. I finally understand the importance of daily meditation in developing my intuitions as well as how to better stay grounded in my day. It’s awesome! Like a springboard this information continues to take me to new heights in releasing my fears and enjoying greater trust, I am ever so grateful to Shirley for this information! – A. J., AK

 I thank you for your class, it was very informative!- E. J.

Great course, thank you! – M. C.

Good review of the essential of Energy Ethics! – J. B.


Shirley’s groups are inspiring, heartwarming, and spiritually expanding. I look forward to each one.- N. B.,ACSW, Clinical Social Worker,VT

Shirley is a gifted teacher. I remember taking a class with her, sitting comfortably with about 6 or 7 others. You knew that everyone there had various issues in their own life, but somehow it was possible to move beyond the personal in these classes and get a spiritual perspective on our lives. Shirley is blessed with the ability to access the transpersonal level and also be present for each person in the room! Her infectious humor is very healing!- W.S.,VT 

It was highly remarkable to watch and experience this amazing form of healing. From bottom to top it’s expansive and thorough, more than I’ve experienced from other healing techniques. I felt honored and fascinated to observe past life cellular memory healing. I didn’t know this was even possible. I would like to take this class again because the experience of it was incredibly powerful for all of us in the class.- A.J.,AK

I attended Shirley Knapp’s classes “Intuitive Energy Healing” and “Intuitive Energy Healing-Aurameter Technique” with great anticipation. After completing my Chiropractic Doctoral and starting my business over 25 years ago I felt the innate “sense of knowing” in assisting others had drastically reduced after receiving the “book knowledge”. Through the years I experienced many “miracles”, but still felt something was missing. Shirley’s classes reconnected me with my intuition and supported me in re-developing a deeper level of connection with my patients. A richer “Knowing” than I had even prior to the college education. I have found these techniques to be valuable in assisting patients in connecting to their pain and helping them release it through the energy healing techniques. The classes were well structured and taught with a true sense of passion for group and personal healing. I would recommend these classes to anyone desiring additional intuitive connection in their life! -Dr. M.S., Chiropractor, AK

I enrolled in Shirley’s workshop “Intuitive Energy Healing”. The process demonstrated the wonderful things that can occur when a group comes together to fulfill a common goal, that of healing ourselves and others. The atmosphere of community encourages you to step forward to investigate your skills and paves the way for you to continue in your efforts to evolve and become all that you can be. It helped me to learn to quiet my mind to listen within and trust in the messages that lie there.
Shirley’s workshop was well-organized, the schedule allowing us the time to integrate our thoughts and absorb the process along the way. This is an important part of any workshop, and one that is greatly appreciated by me. The group interaction created a bond and sense of community that supports each of us in our journey and strengthens us. Opportunities to hear each others’ stories gave us valuable insight and new perspective, as well as offered additional tools that we could put to good use in our own Spiritual journeys.
Shirley’s coaching did not end with the workshop, she continues to provide joyful, enthusiastic encouragement and support that is vital to our progress, and provides great acknowledgement of each step taken. I feel as though I’ve received a “gold star” for a job well done; and she has faith in the next step being just as successful, celebrating with us the progress made. This fuels me with excitement and energy to move on to the next step. This nurturing can only result in the best levels of the accomplishment of our goals and dreams.- B. R.,AK

Instructor was very good and learned a lot in the class about myself. Would take more of her CE Classes!- C. J., SC


Shirley is an amazing healer!  I have worked on and off with her for 17 years!! She is able to  pinpoint my emotional and physical pathology right over the phone.  After our session, I go away from it feeling lighter and I can feel the healing taking place in my body all day long.  Her messages to me from the angelic realm are so on target and so life affirming.  She is truly “connected” to spirit! I feel so glad to know her.  And so very grateful.- J. S., Soprano Singer, NV

I’ve received many readings from different intuitive counselors, but what makes Shirley’s readings exceptional is the COMPASSION and ENERGY that is present. She truly knows how to work with the dolphin-healing-consciousness! She helps one to reconnect with the Self that lies beyond the body, mind and emotions. When we do that, we remember that everything is perfect.- A. N., Author/Inter species communication, HI

Shirley Knapp is a gifted spiritual intuitive. Shirley’s soothing voice is a direct reflection of her healing abilities. Instead of dealing with symptoms, she took me to the root cause of my acute distress which was imbedded in cellular memory. This kind of in-depth past-life regression is essential to genuine emotional and physical healing. Shirley is a true servant of Spirit.- Dr. L. T., CO

Dear Shirley,
My deepest Gratitude for your intuitive guidance. Indeed, For the first time in my life I feel FULLY AWAKENED. Now that I am ready to accept my Power, Spirit is bringing Vision after Vision of what it has planned for me-R.G., VT


My initial visitation with Shirley Knapp was to heighten sensitivity as an artist, that is to develop a level of artistic achievement never before attained in my past experience. What happened was not only an artistic flow beyond my expectation, but a healing experience for variety of concerns in my future visits. The love, joy and self confidence of my mind has achieved heights far beyond my imagination and the growth and experience of energy is everlasting. – K. G., Artist/Educator, VT

Shirley has extraordinary gifts that come through in her consultations and energy work, and I have been blessed to work with her now for more than 15 years. Her energy work made me into a new person – I feel different, I react differently. I am different. Her intuitive messages have always been right on, even when I didn’t understand them. They kept me going as I  struggled to let go and become myself. I’ve been able to release a lot of old, old stuff in my archetypal cellular memory, making me lighter and freer.  Although I didn’t know it at the time (do we ever), I had a lot of inner work yet to do when I began working with Shirley. I feel like all this work would have taken much longer without her assistance, and I am very grateful for Shirley. I have known her for over 5 years and consider her to be my spiritual teacher. She is a gifted intuitive. Her insights and observations have been extremely helpful to me as I progress on my path. She can tap into my energy field and clear blockages. I have been a student in her Distance Learning on Intuition. In that format, she was well prepared and organized, presented the material in a clear and concise manner. She encouraged questions and comments from the students and had exercises for us to do between classes.
Shirley has been a true blessing in my life and I am grateful that she has had the courage and inner strength to pursue her gifts! J. H., Educator, IL

Shirley’s clear connection with the love and wisdom of many realms of life always serves as a wonderful reminder to me to come more fully into my SELF. From that remembering, I feel supported and empowered in letting my life and work unfold with more and more trust, joy, and co-creative energy.W. W., Consultant, VT