Intuitive Energy Healing with Aurameter Class (8 Hrs)


Course Description-


8 Hours ( No CE Certificate)

Attendance is open to everyone. 

Participants are introduced to energy healing  and chakra alignment . Basic aura and chakra alignment is experienced with exercises both on and off the massage table.  Intuitive development and energetic healing techniques release blockages through hands-on application. The “Aurameter” which is a sensitive dowsing tool  expedites healing results.  This tool provides the ability to show clients the benefits of energetic healing. This is recommended after “Developing Your Intuition” and “Intuitive Energy Healing “ classes.

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  1. Discover energy healing
  2. Introduce auras
  3. Describe the basic chakras
  4. Develop grounding exercises
  5. Understand intuitive development
  6. Perform meditation techniques
  7. Introduce the Aurameter


  1. Energy healing
  2. Auras
  3. Chakras
  4. Grounding exercises
  5. Develop intuition
  6. Meditation
  7. Aurameter practice
  8. Class include three hours of hands-on massage table practice.

    Fee- $175.00

    After registration you will receive confirmation of payment.

    Registration, Cancellation and Refund-
    Registration available until 7 days before the class

    No registration at the door

    Full refund on cancellation until 2 days before the class

    Hour lunch break

    Wear casual loose fitting clothing for massage table practice

    Massage tables supplied


    Thank you for the positive energy to help fuel my journey!  J. Norris, NC

    The Aurameter is an awesome healing tool! It intrigued me, watching it pinpoint energy blockages, thus a more concentrated effort by the healer and more thorough healing could take place. I couldn’t wait to get my own Aurameter! This class is a must for anyone working with body energies and healing. Thank you Shirley for introducing me to this fabulous healing tool, and for your clear, concise teaching on how to use it! A. Johnson, Anchorage, Alaska

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Class Date/Location:

Dec. 15, 2017- 9 am-6 pm @ Sylva NC, June 10, 2018-9 am-6 pm @Sylva, NC


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