Ethics (Standard V) Online Course (3 CE Hrs.)

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Course Description-


3 CE Hours

Open to everyone


This course is designed to further your knowledge of the principles and practices of professional ethics. It includes the guidelines as set forth in the NCBTMB’s Standard V: Roles and Boundaries


1. Define the code of Ethics
2. Explain the professional role of the Practitioner
3. Explore ethical roles in the workplace
4. Describe the importance of creating healthy boundaries
5. Define professional client confidentiality
6. Implement successful business practices

1. Understanding your personal code of ethics
2. Displaying professionalism with your clients
3. Maintaining a healthy client Practitioner relationship
4. Respecting physical and energetic boundaries
5. Exercises to support clarity in client confidentiality
6. Establishing healthy business policies and procedures

Course includes instructions for:

  • Evaluation Form
  • Examination (20 multiple choice questions; 70% is passing)
  • Certificate of Achievement (3 CE Hours)

Fee- $25.00


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Accolades –

“Great course, thank you! ” Michele Clark

“Good review of the essential of Energy Ethics! ” Julie Brent

5 reviews for Ethics (Standard V) Online Course (3 CE Hrs.)

  1. Kathleen Redman

    This is the most convenient and thorough Ethics class I’ve taken. It’s easily accessible, well organized, and serves as s great review of the guidelines we need to keep in mind. I highly recommend it.

  2. Polly Huff (verified owner)

    Shirley’s easy to use system to get those sought after Ethics requirements is great. The info is a much needed reminder of our standards in the industry. Thanks again for being there.

  3. Linda Redmond (verified owner)

    Far and away the best online ethics course I’ve seen. This should be the standard of quality for our profession – which imo is in huge need of greater quality standards for online courses. Thank you, Shirley Knapp!

  4. Shirley Knapp

    “It was straight forward and well organized and I appreciate that.” L.P.

  5. Kathleen Pullman (verified owner)

    This Ethics course is personally reflective, informative, and broad based. It’s well organized and easy to use.
    Shirley focuses on the standards we need to review and remember as our businesses grow yearly.

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